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Should I go to an Applicant Day?

After you’ve been to an open day, maybe around the time you go for a university course interview you may be invited to an applicant day – to get a taste of your course and the kind of things you’ll be doing once you go to university (if you choose to go to that university that is).

But while you’re still deliberating your offers and waiting for other interviews, here are some reasons you should make the most of an applicant day!

  • An applicant day gives you the opportunity to see the university again.
  • Take a campus tour to get a feel for the university, especially if you’ve not been to the university before you can have a look around!
  • You can see the facilities in your department and what you’ll get to work with if you decide to go to that uni.
  • You can see the accommodation – if you like the course, halls shouldn’t necessarily be a deciding factor but it’s nice to have a little look around where you might be living.
  • Ask questions whilst there are lecturers and other tutors actually around – a lot of faculty won’t be around on open days, so make the most while people are actually there!
  • Talk to students who are already on the course – applicant days are a chance to talk to students who have been in your position and decided to do the course you’re interested in, so if there’s anything you need to ask that you don’t want to ask a lecturer, make the most of asking other students!
  • Just ask a lot of questions. Questions are good.

Essentially; see everything, ask about the units you’ll be doing when you start the course and ask about employability because mums like it when you tell them how employable you’ll be when you graduate.

Applicant days are really useful and you get out of them what you put into them, so make the most of the opportunity to find out more about where you might be living.


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