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The Student Cafe

A lot of students go to the library to get their work done, but a lot of students like going to independent cafes or a Starbucks or somewhere too – but imagine a cafe that was designed specifically for students to do work; a university cafe.

  • It would serve alcohol, energy drinks and hot chocolate at all times – depending on the kind of support you need to do your work.
  • Every table would have tissues for inevitable break downs and ongoing freshers flu.
  • There would be a stationery shop in the corner for emergency pens, paper and printing – and you could order in more specific supplies if you needed them.
  • There’d be a cosy corner for comfort with big chairs and bean bags but there would be different zones too – a quiet zone for those who want to work in silence and a working zone for those who need a bit of background noise or need to do group work.
  • Of course there’d have to be food on offer too – good food at reasonable prices (which is the main issue to any student) with breakfast and ice cream available all day too. The menu would be adaptable and if a student has a particular comfort food that they want or need then the cafe would do it’s best to try and incorporate it.

This all started off as a silly thought in a delirious work session amongst ridiculous deadlines but then, the more it was planned the more it actually sounded like a good idea!

What do you think? Is there anything else you think a student cafe would need? Any food or drinks that need to be served or any areas that need to be included?


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