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Educational YouTube channels you really need to know about

Revision is tedious at the best of times – it usually highlights how much you don’t know and whilst pretty coloured pens and post it notes are really exciting for some people, making revision notes and studying in any way shape or form can be so dull if you’re not into it.

But, in the days of the internet generation, there are enough people on YouTube making loads of educational content which could be a nice break from the textbooks and you’re still learning.

We’ve shortlisted five channels that you should be watching

Crash Course – with different units on science, English Literature texts and different eras of history summarised with interesting facts and really fun animations to keep it engaging and fun. They actually have playlists for philosophy, physics, literature, economics, US Government and History, astronomy, anatomy and physiology, Intellectual Property, World History, psychology, ecology, US History and chemistry. It’s worth a look even if you’re not revising, the hosts, John and Hank Green from the vlogbrothers channel, make everything so interesting.

charlieissocoollike – not necessarily a completely educational channel from the original British vlogger but his series called ‘Fun Science’ is precisely that – fun science! He’s just released a book of the same title too which is definitely worth checking out. Here’s the link to the playlist to watch Charlie’s fun science videos.

SciShow – a completely science based channel that is less designed for helping revision in the same way Crash Course is, but more to answer random thoughts and questions. Having a quick look at their page of playlists and you can see the astonishing variety of content they produce of topics within science and with nearly 4 million subscribers, they’ve got to be mighty interesting too.

The Art Assignment – this one is nothing to do with science! Not everyone studying or at university is doing academic courses like science or history – a very in depth exploration of art on a multitude of levels. The Art Assignment travels round the US talking to artists to give assignments, such as recreating movie posters with clip art and comic sans. The channel boasts incredible variety and is oddly inspiring to the studying art student.

Hannah Witton – not necessarily an ‘educational’ channel as such, but sexual health and education is important too and Hannah talks about these topics from a very well researched and experienced point of view. Her most recent and on-going series ‘The Hormone Diaries‘ takes a really interesting look at her experience of coming off the pill and ‘Vlognukah‘ was an exploration into Hannah’s jewish heritage and a nice play on Vlogmas.

Let us know of anymore channels you like to watch when you’re revising (the educational ones that is) or any blogs or websites you use to study!


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