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Bullying in High School

School. Some people love school and some people hate school. But hey, probably some of us hated school because of the bullies that runs in them to make our lives more miserable than we want them to. But I’m gonna tell you how you can overcome it with the help of your best friends, family, teachers and, not forgetting, yourself.

It was in the month of September, I was still a new kid in the block for around five months and everyone in my school was still trying to get to know me but it was hard since I was rather a shy kid that didn’t like to talk much. Anyway, it was a crystal clear Tuesday afternoon in the library. The usual me wanted to have something to read since I didn’t have many things to do on that afternoon. I went to the fiction section of the library to find something interesting to read when a group of boys and girls started looking onto my direction and laughed. It was quite awkward since they were staring at me but I shook it off as nothing. 15 minutes after finding the perfect book and having it checked by the library assistant so that I could bring it home, the same group of boys and girls were behind me, this time they were taunting me for how I dressed. I was wearing a cotton tribal shirt with skinny pants, to top that off I wore a green jacket to make me feel less awkward around people I walk pass and also to keep me warm. Anyway, they were taunting me with words like “idiot”, “terrorist”, “go back to where you came from you Asian” which hurt me a lot but I also tend to just shake it off till that hit me off guard.

I went home, up the stairs and slammed the door to my room. I cried my soul out till my dad came into my room after hearing me cry for more then an hour. I told him everything and he hugged me, which calmed me down. What he said was wise and beautiful, it still hooks onto my brain even though I’ve grown stronger than I was over the past years.

“You see Alyah, in life you’ll meet certain people. Some people will be there to help you grow smarter, some people are there to help you grow stronger. Some people will even help you by putting their hands behind your back and push you forward. But in life, nothing is ever complete without darkness around the back of a candle that lights the way. You’ll meet people that will try to bring you down, taunt you, hurt you in ways that will make you stop and just give up. But you shouldn’t; never give up. It’s because of you that your best friends are laughing at your silly jokes. You’re their candle, light their way up. Never give up just because idiots like them are taunting you, they’re taunting you because they can’t be you. Remember that, and you’ll have a beautiful life.”
After all those talks my dad gave me, I finally realised that bullying is just a way for people who are way below you to try and bring you down. Six years after that I still kept in contact with my best friends who had been with me through out school times. If I could do it, so can you. Be who you are, be you.


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